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Funny pictures about When life hands you nosebleeds. Oh, and cool pics about When life hands you nosebleeds. Also, When life hands you nosebleeds.

The drama kid life

Monopoly get out of jail free card how to get out of detention drama class how do u kick a ceiling

So did their neck

Well that took an unexpected turn! I am laughing so hard right now!

I see Nico doing this. <<<<<<Repining for that comment alone

thats one way to get out of a new class I suppose. That kid is going places.

That awesome moment when the perfect Aladdin reference is made. Aladdin understands us.

Lol so true>>>isn't the last post lyrics from Aladdin? Or am I the only crazed disney fan lolz!

It does help a little...

when I see really attractive people I just laugh because I know if we lived in the aztec culture they'd be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty

We All Have Our Priorities...<<< those would be my priorities

We All Have Our Priorities

Save the computer. And the charger. << funny how fire exposes our priorities.

Dude sell that         to disney

I wish this could happen for me except my freshmen year boyfriend not grade but i dont think i will live long enough to even graduate high school. Sorry for my depressing story on what should be happy. Sorry for wasting your time, continue with your life

English is Weird

This is what Yahoo bought with its $1.1 billion.

Actually, the wording wouldn't be "why can not you get me some ice cream". It would be "why can you not get me some ice cream". Just because a contraction is used does not mean that the word and not are next to each other.


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