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Who needs love anyway? I think about love the same as a grenade and I never look forward to having my heart blown to pieces by someone who should have never

beautiful horror photography | Nathalia Suellen Digital Artist | The Dark Fantasy Art of Nathalia ...

If you're an artist that's spent any time on DeviantArt over the past 3 years, it's hard to miss the artwork of Nathalia Suellen — known commonly as LadySymphonia. The self-taught digital artist is a legend of the

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(Open rp, needs someone to be him.) I had given up hope. They had found me and locked me up. The chains were to strong, even for me. I heard the door creak open. I didn't care. Let them test me. I would rather be killed than here at this point. "Sit down!" I heard a guard yell. I looked up and saw a boy with wings about my age be shoved to the ground. The guard locked him up and slammed the door shut.

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ITALY 2007 - Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature - Demon Winner, the unofficial Golden Demon website

CoolMiniOrNot - The Gothic Terminator (Italian 2007 Demon Slayer) by franciuus - great example of armor decalling, reminds me of stage painting and make-up techniques