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Costimus Prime

Costimus Prime

Why is America dressed like Optimus Prime? Am I the only one who thought she looks like a Transformer? <---- Optimus prime IS a Transformer. And yes, she is dressed as a transformer

My ironing board is wrinkled... I am constantly imagining a better past...

Irony, irony everywhere…

Irony, irony everywhere… Could someone explain the batman card to me? How is that ironic? They get better as you go down.

elan gale theyearofelan twitter flight - omg this is f'n hilarious

WORTH THE READ. Please excuse the language, but this is awesome. This man deserves an award. And Diane? A swift kick in the rear end.

It's a really good costume!

This kids going places. But that's a place. <---- this is hilarious, but I actually think this costume is kind of great.

The gingerbread man

Because that is how storytelling is done. <<<< Gingerbread house, man, comic, the Rot, hilarious

Alright, WHO DREW ME?

"It's called the personal space bubble, people! Respect the bubble!" Yes. The bubble.

"My life in a Nutshell" by smilehugslove ❤ liked on Polyvore

I don't like the bad word in the one but it was too funny not too repost!

Hahaha I love puns!

A previous pun-pinner wrote: A cheesy joke that I love! Here's another one. What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta!