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Leave me alone

Leave me alone

If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your owns eyes, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.

Get you some business & leave mine alone!

So true and yet, I keep it all inside.....

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards

Just a few...some more than others...can't ya tell...? Lol

I don't HATE people, I just.nevermind, yeah, I do, I fucking hate people.

...I'll gladly medicate you...or draw your blood ;)

E-card: Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised and affecting my life

someecards selfies - Google Search

you can always tell by the selfie count.

Couldn't agree more haha

Haha this is so true! Anth is one of few people I will actually talk to. I HATE talking on the phone.

A round of applause for that bitch who deleted you, blocked you, and is now looking at your profile from their friends facebook.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I use excessive sarcasm at work because punching someone in their fucking mouth is frowned upon by management.

ive thought of that!

I love my sis. She is a little crazy. Lol

Pretty sure my sister feels this way. I'm not sure which sister this description would fit?

I'm not always right but when I am it's usually all of the time

#humor #ecards

OMG, every freakin' night!

so true people always think I'm jokin! sometimes the truth hurts!

Perks of being a social worker ;) I can call it like I see it

I feel like I’m dying of laughter every time I read this…best someecard I’ve seen yet. My friend and I were cracking up after seeing it a couple days ago, I’ve wanted so badly to post it on people’s.

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes And Ecards: http://www.nursebuff.com/2014/09/funniest-nursing-quotes-and-ecards/

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards (Part 1)

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards (Part - NurseBuff

I only want to get old if my life is going to be like the Golden Girls.

And anyone who knows me, knows exactly which Golden Girl I will be one day.