"39? How can you possibly be so sure?" "It would be a semi combustable QMZ model, measuring approximately one foot by three feet. This is all judging by the aircraft, which normally holds these kinda of explosives. They have about a fifty yard and if the regimens are all in approximate position, it should have been able to reach 39 of them. This is all if it wasn't fireworks of course." "Um, again slowly, and in English please?" "Small bomb makes big boom and kills many people."

Nikolas shook his head at Ash's strange humor. He turned his head away from her hoping he hid his smile fast enough.

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She thought as they trudged on down the bland desert road. She adjusted her pack and sighed. What a mess she'd gotten into. What a mess they had all gotten into.

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How to Avoid Tricky Grammar Mistakes: Confusing Plurals

"Okay yes true but you're crushing it nonetheless," Blade mutters. Ever smacks him. "I hate you," Blade laughs loudly. "Love you too sweetheart,"- BOOK 1 DEFIANCE

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Terrifying two sentence horror stories…

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