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No offense to anyone but it's true!

They gave us Ed Sheeran and One Direction and Cher Lloyd while we got. Honey Boo Boo :/ I was born in the wrong country

There are no words... wait.. is this guy texting Nina?? :P @Kristina Senecal

There are no words…

There are no words. is this guy texting Nina? :P Kilmer Kilmer Kilmer Kilmer Senecal

Aaron Carpenter ahhhh best thing ever haha im dying

Aaron Carpenter ahhhh best thing ever haha im dying<<<Award to the man that gives an accurate, yet funny posts about life.

Puts on sock

Funny pictures about Olympic gymnast vs. me…. Oh, and cool pics about Olympic gymnast vs. me…. Also, Olympic gymnast vs. me… photos.

Haha thts me no flexibility cant even touch my toes :P

Funny pictures about Most girls stretching. Oh, and cool pics about Most girls stretching. Also, Most girls stretching.

This just made me laugh so hard!!!!

That awkward moment when you gently toss your phone on your bed and it decides to bounce off 3 walls, knock down 2 lamps, and kill a cat.

I could read this. You would think it's hard but it is not hard at all. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I thought that I wouldn't be able to read that! That was amazing!

I could read it. Can you read it? Repost if you can please. --> I can read this. Its actualy pretty easy.

haha pissed these faces cracked me up so much. it's true!

THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS!! Actually happened this morning.

Exactly that my life at least that's what happened today I mean seriously are alarm clocks necessary I mean we are of school give us a brake go to bed at 9 and wake up at REALLY THIS IS JUST CRACRA