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Old fashioned Christmas lights

the big bulbs! Loved putting these on the tree every year. Now my husband only wants white lights on our tree.

I love these kind of light,always reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid, and the colours always remind me of quality streets,lol

old christmas lights Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? we had these on our tree when I was a kid and they are sooo beautiful, no comparison to the ones you get today unfortuna

We had Christmas lights just like these on our trees growing up!

Vintage Plastic Christmas Tree Light Covers: we called them Clinkers because our cat Edison would bat them off the lights and bat them around the wood-floored apt! His fav toy ever!

1967 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog Peanuts Snoopy Cover

1967 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog Peanuts Snoopy Cover Made our Christmas list from these catalogs

satin ornaments..no 70's tree was complete without 'em

The Cats' Loved these - satin ornaments.no tree was complete without 'em - They'd un-ravel them and there was rayon thread everywhere.

childhood christmas at grandma's house!..always knew this treat would be in the candy dish..

One of the reasons why we looked forward to Christmas was because of these yummy Old-Fashion Candies. My mom would put them out in a crystal candy dish and tell us only to take one, but when she wasn't looking.