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My Babies Will Have Curly Hair ' Beautiful Eyes With That Caramel Skin Tone c: . In the future lol. Mixed Babies Give Me Life.

Kid super model

Kid super model

Funny pictures about This Kid. He's Definitely Going Places. Oh, and cool pics about This Kid. He's Definitely Going Places. Also, This Kid. He's Definitely Going Places photos.

.What a face!  Michela#

I decided I needed to spread some good cheer in today's post. It doesn't take long to put a smile on my face when I see precious baby pictures.

Gorgeous ♥

cute black and white outfit, cute hair pretty, cute necklace, really cute kid! When I have a girl hopefully.

playing peek a boo...melts my heart.

The Mysterious "Shy Guy"

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Cute baby girl with makeup . Aww P.s Although i don't think makeup should be applied on babies and little girls !, but this pic is adorable :)!