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Elsa. frozen

kioewen: Serene Elsa A lovely official Disney concept-art sketch by Jin Kim…

Betrayed... she would tell me her low opinion of my current boyfriend. I would always refuse to buy it. But when the relationship ends, I find her spending time with him. "I'm only using him cuz I'm bored", she said. Now it's my husband. She wants my husband. My husband saw through her from the very beginning. Once she learned this, she hated my husband. Typical Narcissist.

Inspiring picture art, beautiful, beauty, black and white, drawing. Find the picture to your taste!


The tiniest detail can make a drawing stand out. Just awesome ! Hyperrealism hyperrealism hyper realism realist sketch illustration of an eye emerald green iris


Splishysplash by Novawuff on DevianArt. This is Copic markers and Prismacolor colored pencils on hot press watercolor paper.

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(Name: Eona) (Gender: Female) (Age: 2 years) (Role: Omega) (Bio: Is shy and scared of new wolves, isnt very good with pups, is Scared of her brother, due to his over protectiveness. Has never had a mate nor is worthy of one) (Owner:

Dreaming of peace

While I sleep Catch my dreams In your soft embrace And let them fall gently Covering me with infinite grace While I sleep Carry my dreams To the moon and far above In the howl and heart of a wolf With peace and love. Wolf-Dreams Of Peace prose by Carol C