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The day we brought Zeke home

The day we brought Zeke home

Cane Corso. The dog is one of the most Kick Ass things I've seen.

How to Love a Cane Corso

Cane Corso - Italian Mastiff - The Cane Corso is an Italian breed of dog, for years valued highly in Italy as a companion, guardian and hunter Looks like a panther

Meet Meaty, The Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From A Shelter

Meet Meaty, The Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From A Shelter

Cutest pittie ever!Meet Meaty, The Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From A Shelter

That is Miss Molly



Pitbulls a kids best friend.our kids are best buds with our pits

And we call these sweet animals monsters? Oh no, because EVERY pit bull I know are the sweetest, most well behaved dogs ever. They might hurt you trying to jump on you and kiss you and play. Every dog that attacks was TAUGHT to or was treated cruelly. Pit bulls are my favorite breed!

24 Animal Stories That Will Hit You Right In the Feels

Daisy Mae, a former dog-fighting dog who cuddles with the elderly and frail, and even allows small children to hold her tight when they are undergoing painful medical procedures. I hate when people say pitbulls are bad dogs! they are the sweetest.

Exactly! That's exactly how the mainstream media would spin this. Fkn bastards!

Funny pictures about The media be like. Oh, and cool pics about The media be like. Also, The media be like.

Gods creatures. Spell dog backwards and what do you get? Funny they both provide you with unconditional love, protection and gentle security of your soul.

We have to put an end to BSL. Pitt Bulls are not the enemys its the beasts on the other end of the leash whos to blame.

Blind dogget lead along from a dog❤ melt my heart!!

Lily a 6 year old great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesn't stumble over anything.

Pits are loving dogs. Let them show you.

Dogs are only as good as their owners! No dog is a "bad" dog. This is so true, dogs act in the way you raise them. Its not the breed that makes them mean, its the owner. These poor babies suffer for mistakes made by their owner.

Weird and wonderful but when your dog is bigger than you by 3x its time to think about a different diet.

Meet 'Giant George' the 7ft-long blue great dane who could be the world's tallest dog

George, Guinness World record holder, tallest living dog/tallest dog ever. Great Dane weighs over 245 lbs/stands 43 inches tall.

Zeke waiting to be adopted

Zeke waiting to be adopted

not all pit bulls are bad...

Do Pit Bulls Make Good Family Pets?

Petey the beloved Pit Bull - dog from the Little Rascals TV show. This is so true and so sad. Dogs are labeled bad because of their breed not because of their owner that made them bad. All dogs deserve a fair chance.