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Haha this is so me

I'm more at singing, winning fake arguments. Whitney Huston ain't got crap on my when it comes to the shower! & I will will that argument, lets take it to the shower!

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you're going to see today

20 Of The Funniest Pictures You Will See Today

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you& going to see today

haha i dont know why i found this so funny


funny quote there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair unless you thought you were alone

All of the above and excuse the language in the last one

Best of Teen Derp - Funny Pictures - Funny Photos - Funny Images - Funny Pics<<<All relate to me, and I have to still wait about months until I am officially a teenager.


You know you are a 90's kid if you don't hate these kind of uploads

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

Random by kirsten

Omg im a kid and this happens all the time yes i remember this all the time! When your at your friends house!

Every afternoon at snack time!

Nothing to eat. Nothing to eat. Lower standards and repeat. (Do this all the time.back and fourth like 50 times) :/


Laughing so hard noise comes out and you just sit there clapping like a retarded seal. Source: You can't be best friends without insulting each other constantly (Fb)

This sums up YouTube and it's incredible success. Ok, so videos aren't usually longer than around 3 minutes.. You watch it and leave right? WRONG.

i go on youube just to watch a music video and 5 hours later, there i am watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe

Or when you can't find that part of your outfit

Relatable Post "I hate when part of my outfit I mentally planned is in the laundry.

Yeah, later I'm going through the conversation in my head and I honk of an amazing comeback

Teenager Post I envy people that come back with witty comebacks on the spot because I'm gonna need at least a 3 day notice.

It's usaully the second one...

Teenager Posts <-- Teenage posts are so accurate an I'm not even an adult!

All the time!!! Anyone else??

That awkward moment when there's a hair in your mouth and you can't find it so you're just grabbing your tongue. in public- it happens all the time

I cant stop laughing at the thought of someone actualy running at people, with their arms waving and they are screaming their heads off XD

You Just Realized.especially if u r fangirling/boying and that "stranger" is an actor or voice of one of your fandom ppl