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★Welcome to SOULDOLL B... review at Kaboodle

★Welcome to SOULDOLL B... review at Kaboodle

Ball jointed Doll Total Shop :::Iplehouse.net::

Iplehouse have discontinued their entire Y. I ordered Freezia during her last sales period in January She should be arriving here within a few weeks.

Iplehouse Yur_Astrologer, in the human form. From the company website.

Wish I could afford ball jointed dolls. Especially big ones as detailed as this!

Senior Delf HARMONY|DOLKSTATION - Ball Jointed Dolls Shop - Shop of BJD Dolls

If you can some how get me a BJD (ball joint doll) without breaking the bank i would LOVE IT

Trinity Doll - Blanc Printemps ; Elysia - LE10 - Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more | #BJD #Ball_Jointed_Doll

See "Trinity Doll - Blanc Printemps ; Elysia - "Doll" of the "DOLL MORE". Order from the total online bjd shop at Dolk Station, dealing with over boll jointed dolls, outfits, wigs, etc. Your total online bjd shop.

Ball jointed Doll Total Shop :::Iplehouse.net::

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