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car capable of travelling on road, sand, water and ice

Who needs a road? Chinese designer creates eco-friendly all-terrain car for land, water and ice

The Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Concept The Volkswagen Aqua concept is designed by a Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang. It is an all-terrain hovercraft that has more than one engine.

VW zonder sjoemelsoftware ; een op 69

Volkswagen Floating Car (Concept): The Volkswagen Hover Car is a pod-like zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road.

@brittneymadsen VW Beetle GRC - the 544hp Rallycross Beetle.

The Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team today unveiled the definitive Beetle GRC rallycross car. The Beetle will run later this season in the Red Bull Global Rallycross championship, driven by Tanner Foust and Scott Speed.


This is the price bracket with perhaps the least action happening we know of so far. Most of the cars mentioned in this price slot are just top-of-the-line versions with all the bells and whistles of cars in the Rs 8 to Rs 12 lakh category.

I miss Vern - Our Volkswagen camper van.) But I gotta say, this would be a sweet replacement! Volkswagen Micro-Bus - The Verdier

Volkswagen SP 2

design-is-fine: “VW SP Made by Karmann Ghia do Brasil. Via volkswagen classic Rudolf Leiding, the CEO of Volkswagen do Brasil initiated and designed the car.

༺♥༻ VW concept car ...♡♥♡♥Love it!

The Fantastic Ferrari 488 GTB

Volkswagen Viseo, futuristic concept car by Marc Kirsch. 3 seater, glass covered in flexible OLED film and detachable rear luggage turns into a trolley.

Increíble. !!!!!!!!!!

Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept: In Volkswagen's push to continue redefining automotive design, they've introduced the all-electric E-Bugster Speedster Concept - a retro-inspired and.


Amazing Facts Volkswagen Aqua would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and would emit zero carbon dioxide.The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces.