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Allahu Akbar

The Holy Prophet of Islam (S.) has been quoted a saying: What is meant by obligatory prayers; Hajj rituals and other rituals is to remember God, so what is the use of verbal praise whelming your mind, you don't think of the greatness of Allah.

Islam Acrostic with the words of #Dhikr #LightontheTongue

For religion in Iraq of the people are islamic. They have two distinct traditions, the Shia and sunni Muslims. Only practice christianity such as Chaldeans. There is fewer than 100 Jews in Iraq.

blvcknvy: “ When you look back on your life, you realize that every thing that happened to you was nothing but a blessing from Allah swt. All these wrong people you met, all these paths you’ve been.

99 Names of Allah Statue

99 Names of Allah Statue

99 Names of Allah Statue Silver/Clear Home Decor - Siraj

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