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We love this helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent.  Credit: http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/a-graphic-guide-to-cemetery-symbolism

A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism

This cemetery symbolism infographic from Atlas Obscura details the meaning of the most commonly used decorative gravestone markers.

A rather unconventional technique for handgun (and debatably, long gun) shooting. You may have seen Sam Fisher use it in the recent Splinter Cell games.

Taking a break from animating to show you more shit about guns. Sidenote: The ones labeled "sure" are either unconventional or debatable, but I think ar. Guns Mini-Tutorial: More Long Gun Stuff


nathanandersonart: “ Name: Tzitzimitl (roughly pronounced Zee Zee Meel) Area of Origin: Central Mexico; The Aztecs In Aztec Mythology, A Tzitzimitl (plural: Tzitzimimeh) is a female deity associated.

Xibalbá - Taringa!


Xibalba iala roughly translated as place of fear is the name of the underworld in Kiche Maya mythology ruled by the Maya death gods and their h

Tlazolteotl Ocelotl arte original almanaque de por MexicaHeart

Tlazolteotl Ocelotl arte original almanaque de por MexicaHeart

Masonic / Templar Symbols G

Masonic symbol (compass, square, and rule). "The Masonic Ring symbol is just a disguised Pentagram with both the "Good" [lucifer] and "Evil" [satan] stars represented.