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If only I could say this sometimes

I'm pretty sure this was me when I sat down in training today. Rough work week and so glad tmrw is Friday.

Never say my favorite show and/or song.  That is the trigger for the competition.

Always either while finally sitting down to watch a show OR the few times I'm on the phone. *sigh* and people wonder why I hate the phone so much ;

...i LOVE being a mommy... definitely got the best part of this deal <3

added a new photo — with Marilyn Myers and Esther Labibe Modad Domínguez de Beruben.


Ain't nobody got time for that. ~ Free Printable I reprinted this because it makes me laugh.

Small Town

Yes! I hate when people say they're from a small town and the town's population is above lol

Ghostie mode

Funny pictures about Next time a stranger talks to me. Oh, and cool pics about Next time a stranger talks to me. Also, Next time a stranger talks to me.

this is true...that voice is my parents

When you feel the entire world is against you there is still a little voice in the back of you head that keeps saying you can do it I know you can that is because you can