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QueensOfTheGarden#Normandy #Padgram

QueensOfTheGarden#Normandy #Padgram

~~ Asiatic lily 'Queen of the Night' | thoroughly spectacular and totally unique, Queen of Night boasts bi

~~ Asiatic lily 'Queen of the Night' Thoroughly spectacular and totally unique, Queen of Night boasts big flowers so dark they appear black in the garden. Large red-orange stamens highlight the ebony blooms nicely. Their sweet fragrance is a lovely acce

Angel Trumpet Flower

coffeenuts: “ flowersgardenlove:Angel Trumpet by Jes Flowers Garden Love ”

So many easy ideas for using flowers around the home at http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/2015/08/7-recipes-with-edible-flowers-that-will-make-you-feel-like-a-fairy/

Floral Friday

PinkFamily#TheGarden#Normandy #Padgram

PinkFamily#TheGarden#Normandy #Padgram

Parrot Flower (a/k/a Parrot Balsam - Impatiens psittacina).   ("Parrot flower.")     Google search:  'Impatiens psittacina, known variously as the "Parrot Flower" or "Parrot Balsam" is a species of balsam from Southeast Asia ... noted for its flower that resembles a "flying cockatoo". Wikipedia.'      (Pinned both to Nature - P&F-Flowers-*Odd Non-Orchid Flowers... & Nature - P&F-Flowers, N.O.C....)

Amazing - This is a Parrot Flower native to Thailand. It is a protected species and resembles a parrot quite vividly. This flower can not be exported from the country so this is a rare opportunity to see such an amazing sight.

Use a Mirror in the Garden to Create the feeling of Water...

Using Mirrors in the Garden

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tinted lilium davidii Trinity Stills Photography. Photo of lilies that are sublime! To the wall gallery!