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Poor charmander

Funny pictures about I choose you! Oh, and cool pics about I choose you! Also, I choose you!

Pokemon Buzzkill, An Electrifying Comic by Dorkly

Pokemon Buzzkill, An Electrifying Comic by Dorkly

Hahaha. Cant wait for pokemon alpha and omega to come out woooo

a sad pokemon story

I remember those days where I would steal the batteries from flashlights or tv remotes just so I could continue my quest 'to be the very best!' By the way, my first Pokemon game was Leaf Green version!

Haha it's so funny... And now I'm sad... Poor Bassy. I probably shouldn't have laughed at this...

Lol I always thought it was weird that they (Sebastian and claud) use "I want to eat your soul" as a complenent.

The Secret #Pokemon #Women

At first, I thought this was just a funny picture with a person making the best face. Then I realized that this is Cole Sprouse aka Cody, of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody and my mind blew up.

Cubone is my favorite Pokemon so I'd warm him up.i don't want it to be a marrowsk

I have to share just to point out that cubone's mother died to give him his bone helmet. The skull is that of a cubone's mom.


Actually i see it as the plant absorbing the water. Like a real plant. So water is weak against hurting grass :/ but this is still funny :P

Ganon/Ganondorf Whatever! Lol

I kinda feel like he would just say this like; Navi just comes up "I will help Link defeat you Gannon!" And he would just be all like "How dare you speak to me?