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Hey guys!! Whats up. By the way if i dont answer questions fast enough i have a plan, just wait. So anyway, how was your day?  I got stabbed in the hand with a knife trying to cut food, and i went to the pharmacy just to see if it was ok because it was a kitchen knife, and yes, it was a small cut in length but i think it cut deep and the guy told me to get Neosporin so it would not get infected and then to put a bandaid on it. I wanted my hand to have gauze on it but noo i had to use a…

Keep calm and eat a banana (funny thing is i don't really like bananas :D)


"To wish you were someone else, is to waste the person you are" Do you struggle with liking yourself?

They need this sign in the summer months with all the tourists.

These Samoa parking signs are sure to get the point across to everyone! Our metal parking signs are x in United S

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