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US government is no longer represents the people.nor is it for the people.

It's all about saving rich people taxes!

It's all about saving rich people taxes!

There is no substitute for natural pollination

Bees Dying Out? Save the Bees Plant natives - Without bees mankind & the food supply will suffer badly. Become active folks !

Let us   ~   Not only will they desroy the middle class but, all of The United States of America! And then...Who will buy, use their products, services...

"Le us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires & corporate leaders on Wall Street & elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.

My name is Paul Ryan and i am coming after your Social Security because i'm a Republican Dick !

FOX NEWS: "To anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.

(39) #WhyIResist hashtag on Twitter

Both Sides Don't Do It: Study Finds Republicans Lie Three Times More Than Democrats

Unpaid ENTITLEMENTS are being given to Congress in healthcare, retirement, paid days off, not seniors or disabled

Congressional pay and benefits should be inextricably yoked to the minimum wage, social security and Healthcare benefits. Then let's see what badasses they are. Bunch of mean spirited, entitled, hypocrites!

Woman Fights for Sovereignty After Judge Declares Living Off Grid Illegal. A Florida woman has gone head to head with a local judge who has declared her efforts to live off the grid illegal and in violation of local and international code ordinances.  Robin Speronis, a 54-year-old former real estate agent currently living in Cape Coral in a small duplex, has her own solar panels and collects rain water for her needs,

Woman Fights for Sovereignty, Judge Declares Living Off Grid Illegal