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So true.

I think it should be that mean, selfish, self absorbed, overbearing, arrogant (narcissistic) people shouldn't breed. I can live with stupid but I can't live with hateful.

Paula Deen... for Austin

Paula Deen... for Austin

Aziz ansari

He is halitosis Aziz on texting. The reason girls think this is funny is because it's true. We do that. and usually if we don't text you back right away we're *hoping* you uninvite us to the pizza party. Though, I would never do that to Aziz.

Ladies, they've discovered our secret - Imgur

Ladies, they've discovered our secret

Hilarious Pictures of the day, 55 images. Why Girls Travel In Pairs To The Bathroom

25 Things You Can Do with a Lemon. (I have a Meyer lemon tree that's constantly overflowing)| Elephant journal website, great health/ yoga / website

Funny pictures about If life gives you lemons. Oh, and cool pics about If life gives you lemons. Also, If life gives you lemons.

I'm glad someone finally did this, because we were all thinking it.

Things boys do…

Funny pictures about Things boys do. Oh, and cool pics about Things boys do. Also, Things boys do.

Different Names for Things

Different Names For Things


A love poem to anyone and everyone who could use a little more bacon in his or her life

funny-President-Clinton-miss-me-yet-poster.   Oh..good Ol' Bill!

Miss me?

funny-President-Clinton-miss-me-yet-poster. O, good O' Bill!


Stream veteran producer King Britt's podcast and sonic journey in the African electronic music style of Afrofuturism.

'I have rectal glaucoma today.... I can't see my ass coming to work'.

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When somebody tries...

Only feelings I have are for MY husband and son! I have no feelings towards YOU, it's all BLANK! Go ahead with your shares and statues about me boo, just know I'm laughing all day everyday at YOU!