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I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a potted companion sitting on the soil surface of a larger bonsai. I think the companion is a Mondo grass. Is the tree a Serissa?

Recommendations For Cultivating Bonsai in Ethelsville, Alabama

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Bonsai - Bonsai fall into a number of categories according to shape, but most important keep in mind to allow the tree to express its individuality freely, and to help it achieve its most beautiful, balanced form.

Crab apple bonsai.

The amazing Crab Apple Bonsai Tree - by Walter Pall An incredibly sweet 65 cm high apple tree. The fascinating part about it is that the fruits are indeed edible.

Forrest style bonsai.....what I would give to have one !

Two great bonsai trees, one of which a stunning Yose-Ue (forest style). By: Associazione Rock'n'Bonsai(comment from previous pinner)

Bonsai root and branch network....-so beautiful, intricate-k

Bonsai showing excellent branch - root development. Many species of ficus will grow roots from their branches along with the common schefflera, as long as it remains in a humid environment.

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Planted off center to right, the negative space creates a scene- instead of just an image of a tree, you get a sense of the tree in its "habitat" Bonsai trees are excellent additions to any home décor and add an exotic feel to any patio decoration!