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In this tutorial, we expand on what we built in the Basic Helmet Frame and Basic Spanghelm (Viking Helmet), and add decorative wings in the style of Thor or a .

caleb-nefzen-thor-arh-01a.jpg 1,298×1,536 pixels

A Private Commission i did last year. The idea on the concept is that the Helmet and Hammer were the only 2 divine things that he bring to earth. the rest is a earthly homemade outfit,. I recived a base mesh of the head, helmet, a detailed body with

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Cool evil mask--Elven Rogue Leather Helmet by Azmal

Loki & Thor helmets

I wish Thor wore his helmet in the movies. It is as much a work of art as Loki 's and would really tie the two together even more.

Spartan Thor Helmet

Leather Armor Designs

Spartan Thor Leather Helmet by Azmal cosplay costume LARP equipment gear magic item