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So true! Wake up America!

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Wise up & pay attention America!

Amen ‼️‼️

He will end political corruption, preserve our Constitution, freedom and way of…

They are NOT willing to do the work it takes to help their own communities....this has been apparent all my life.....so, they need to just shut the hell up....no one takes them serious anymore..

oh look another excuse to commit crimes and loot becasue a herion dealer was committing crimes and tried to kill people and was shot by police. Pathetic low creatures being dindus

If HILLARY steals the Election, and she isn't prosecuted for it and the election then handed to Trump, or is thrown out - GET READY FOR CIVIL WAR! The whole US government is corrupt and everyone on the belt way needs to be hung!

Right on.

Right on.

It's called breadcrumbing.

I'm done putting up with this. Some people have a narcissistic view of friendship. As long as you do what I say, we can be friends. Or, I'm your pretend friend because it makes me feel good about myself to say I have friends.

Political apathy=Ignorance. The personal is political.  You're a fucking idiot if you don't know about these things, especially in America.

"I don't pay attention to politics." is one of the most ignorant statement a person can make. I you allow people in your government to commit crimes in your name without questioning their actions, you are just as GUILTY as they are.

When I wrote the screenplay for 'Sleepwalk with Me,' I was imagining that another person would direct it. So I was using all my undergraduate film writing amateur expertise of 'don't direct on the page' because someone else was going to direct this. And then I ended up being in a situation where I couldn't get it financed at a micro-studio level. Mike Birbiglia

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The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and…

you are so right! Lenin, Stalin & Hitler all followed these rules! Maybe the liberals should read some history from other countries and see how well socialism & communism worked for those people! They might what to read history in the making and look up 5 reasons why Venezuela's economy is in a 'meltdown' http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/18/news/economy/venezuela-economy-meltdown/

Useful Idiots brought to you by Saul Alinsky, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. How people can't see this happening right in front of their faces is beyond me. It's time to start praying America!


Obama fact: For every 1 job created under the Obama Administration 75 people went on food stamps.

justice for all

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." ~Thomas Jefferson // There has been no more clearly unjust law than the ACA, or "Obamacare" as it's been called. We collectively must refuse to obey it!

you bet your bottom dollar that is going to change soon by choice or by force it's up to them

Yeah, because straight, white, christians have it so hard.

If you came to america, conform to our culture at least enough to be civil. You chose us, we didn't chose you.

If you came to america, conform to our culture at least enough to be civil.

It is hard to unsee what has been seen.   It is even harder to unknow what is now known.

once you are AWAKE, it's hard to go back to sheep.i mean sleep.

HERE IT IS- FEDERAL LAW!! All the liberals and idiots that mistakenly think that burning our nations flag is "Free Speech"- Now to get the cops to make the arrests and D.A.s to prosecute. What about Citizens Arrest? It's still law in certain states.

All subhumans that decide to "Stomp the Flag" should have to answer for their actions according to the law ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA!