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"Eating dried noodles again? Trust me, anime ain't getting any realer because of it."  "Oh my, buying all those chocolate bunnies for your kid? Prepare to get a salad-crazed rabbit in a few years."  "You know that thing will make you night hell, don't you? Fine, fine, just checking."  "... okay, this is the third week I've seen you buy pasta so COME HERE AND LET ME PET YOU YOU LONELY THING!"

Cats are so judgy. Take Olly, this London supermarket cat, for example.

anime gifs -- so much like my real cats...including the butterflies

anime gifs -- so much like my real cats.including the butterflies and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Aloha people!!! I'm new to the board so I'm 14, live in Hawaii,rad , and in love with anime. Please follow me:-)

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Japanese dyslexia. Yes. Wow there are some stupid subtitles.  What about "Jam doughnuts" if anyone got this reference, comment.

Best of Anime Subtitles

bahaha Best of Anime Fansubs. I especially love the birds going meow and the I have no idea what this ____ is saying it's some kind of japanese dyslexia!