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"The Insanity of God" -Nik Ripken

"The Insanity of God" -Nik Ripken

Percy Jackson and the time they sailed around a lot Percy Jackson and Zeus's trust issues  There's books four and fivw

The Heroes of Olympus series PERCABETH! The Heroes of Olympus series Why doesn't Percy have a chapter?

Really, Rick Riordan did a good job with Percy and Annabeth. I liked the way he slowly eased them into a relationship, instead of just having them plunge right in. That's one of the things that makes it special.

THANK YOU WONDERFUL PERSON (Notice, Annabeth doesn't just kick everybody's behind and needs no help, but she knows when she works with Percy, they're better together. It's a equal partnership.

Aw loom at that giant beautiful ball of death. Isnt it great?

This levitating death orb is known as the sun. We are now aware of what Night Vale has done to us.

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[HP/HOO Book now completed Percy and the gang have been … Fanfiction

I remembered all if these except for Frank sleeping as a bulldog and the bullet cut in Jason's hair<<<< The bullet groove is from Sciron (son of Poseidon, with a giant turtle) and the bulldog is just something mention in HoH I think


Percabeth xD I habe a feeling that Poseidon would be an awesome father to have, just because he most likely would do hilarious things like this.

*claps hands and giggles uncontrollably*

Athena says Percabeth is hypothetically getting married! That's basically getting married for real!