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Funny pictures about Creepy desktop background. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy desktop background. Also, Creepy desktop background.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! He IS real!! :)) I KNEW IT-------Lol.

The Doctor Is a Clever One

He erased himself from every database in the universe, including Shakespeare plays. >> YOU GUYS DONT just found it in my sisters copy of the play

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When I read that people skip 9 I was sad, but when I read stone skip 10 too. Like I was so sad for them, to not know Rose!

"Old McDonald had a TARDIS, DOOWEEOOOO, with a Rose Tyler there, and a Martha Jones here, here Donna, here Amy, there River, there Rory, everywhere a Jack Jack, old McDonald had a TARDIS, DOOWEEOOOO."<--- THIS <---- hehe. Probably the reason he changed it... <--- Hahaha!

Old McDonald had a TARDIS. Do-we-do-we-dooo. And in the TARDIS was a companion. Do-we-do-we-doo. And a *insert companion here* (for example Rose) Rose Rose here. and a Rose Rose there. Here a Rose. There a Rose. Everywhere a Rose Rose. Do-we-do-we-dooo.

Peter capaldi A brilliant doctor

This cracked me up. Hundreds of years of people losing it over the bigger on the inside concept and hes always wanted to do it himself. alles für Ihren Stil - www.

Saw both these episodes today

Go poke it with a stick. (Insert supernatural gif) Dude you're not gonna poke her with a stick!

Ooooo! A long pin! It must be good!

River's should also say "married the doctor." Badass friends of the Doctor.