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Crystal: Nearly decapitated by her negligent owner

Crystal: Nearly decapitated by her negligent owner

Meadow is covered in scaly, blood and puss covered skin.

Do we know who abused her? She was found and there's no way to trace her to a person. I know, we are as frustrated as you are but we must focus on saving this girl now.

Chester was used as bait!

Chester has been used and abused by dog fighters. The video of him bleeding in his kennel caught the eye of rescuers. He approached the volunteer as she entered his kennel, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Slowly Chester returned to his corner in the

Quincy's owners threw him out like trash!

Quincy was found wandering the Atlanta streets and was picked up by animal control .He was actually micro-chipped and his owner was called by the shelter. They stated he has been missing for a week. His owner then stated, "No thanks we don't want h

Lucy just died during surgery. Doctors spent a half hour trying to revive her.

Lucy did not make it. She actually survived surgery to repair the hernia and tumor removal. When they were waking her up, she bottomed out and they performed CPR for half an hour.

Kelly has been dumped in critical condition after his owner DIED!

We received a plea to save a fifteen-year-old neglected baby named Kelly. Kelly has been dumped in the Manhattan Shelter after his owner died. This is heartbreaking.

4 kittens were burned during a controlled brush fire.

Sustaining intense injuries like this, and so young, puts these kittens in a very precarious situation. Luckily, APA’s team is situated to give them the best chance - they often save kittens with very little hope.