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How I kiss my man 😹

How I kiss my man 😹


I hate to be reminded that it is Monday !:( Wake me up when Friday comes wink emoticon wink emoticon wink emoticon ‪ Ahead! Get Up and keep the show going no matter if it's Monday Morning smile emoticon !

Kitty killered doggie!

Secrets of Dogs and Cats Friendship. Click the pic to read.so cute!

... Last Day of the Year !!!...


Hi Donna, I was so happy to see that this is your special week. This little guy is singing you a song! Enjoy my sweet friend.

I died laughing! My favorite: the invisible coffin (I just wanna rub that tummy!!)

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)

The critically endangered Amur Leopard has been facing the risk of extinction for the past decade. Praise the World Wildlife Fund for its efforts to help save Amur Leopards and boost their numbers so that they can thrive once more.

I haz a forcefield

Force Fields and Cloaks of Invisibility Finally a Reality! At last force fields and invisibility cloaks are on the way ! Every science fiction fan knows that force fields are what protect you from plasma rockets or torpedoes (or whatever they are.