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Playin with the baby

That's My Mummy Sweet Orangutan and baby hummingbirds and mum Playin with the baby


LABRADOR – Who can resist a lab puppy? ❤ SO cute too tired to make it home, oh well, nap time

We pin this lovely dogs here, no wonder people always saying Dog is humans best friend. If you are interest in Dog Mascot Costume, pls visit MascotShows.com

I will protect you, tiny human. Labs & babies melt my heart

chocolate labs have the prettiest eyes

chocolate labs have the prettiest eyes

do gingers l0Ve tHeir anImaLs m0re than any0ne else? i truly belieVe Gingers HaVe a greaTer caPacity t0 0pen tHeir Hearts much more sensitiVelY to Helpless creaTUres.

look at the face :)-I wish I was at home to hug my puppies. When all else is not right, they ALWAYS make me laugh, smile and make my heart feel better.