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To all you people who think they are just "dogs" and throw them out like trash and think they have no heart or feelings.  Take a look at Max, who lost his master/best friend, he is mourning the loss of his human, please do not get pets if you are not going to love them and take care of them all their lives!

For the doubters&disbelievers that they're "just" dogs, just unfeeling animals. This little baby is looking at his owner laying in a casket. He's mourning! We love them but they idolize us!

Baby and Bulldog Born on Same Day Think They’re Brothers and Do Everything Together - Humor-Baby and Bulldog Born on Same Day Think They’re Brothers and Do Everything Together (so beautiful, so touching)

Way Too Cute!

Funny pictures about Go Fetch The Stick. Oh, and cool pics about Go Fetch The Stick. Also, Go Fetch The Stick photos.

Hope for Paws received an urgent call about a sick dog living in a trash pile. Miley have been surviving for months living on this pile of trash but luckily for her there are organisations such as this, rescuing these animals.

Dog Saves Unconscious Bird, Is Clearly A Very Good Boy

Diamond & Bibi - Little Dog Finds Tiny Unconscious Bird, Makes A Big Rescue

Icche c'è

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce

Mom looks everywhere for dog, finds him napping in toddler's crib

Oh, just my nephew sitting on my pit's face. They never leave eachother's side.

They are not vicious dogs child attacks helpless pit bull! oh my gosh its another vicious Pit bull ohhhh my gosh

These two best buds hang in tight. Disabled Senior Boxer Has His Own Therapy Guinea Pig! (Video) S'mores even rides shot gun in a basket "side car" on Rex's wheel chair.

The Doctors told us to brace ourselves as this could be it… On top of all this bad news, the MRI and C-scans determined that she was not a candidate for surgery. This was a huge blow. Her disks were compressed THROUGH her spine -- no longer outside the sp

As an owner of 19 month old female blue nose pit bull, I know first hand that pit bulls are an extremely loving, peaceful breed. Also I know first hand what it is like to have to move out of your home for owning a breed of dog that is considered “aggressive.” Some people are ignorant and don’t know the facts. Zara is so sweet, full of love and lots of kisses who has changed my life for the better. I will never stop advocating because I know that we can change the misconceptions and myths…

My dog is no different than yours. She's a dog. She's a Pit Bull. STOP BSL!