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David Tennant, Doctor Who, Wibbly Wobbly :-)

david Tennant is going to make my bed wibbly wobbly every timey wimey.

This is so much fun at TARDIS Parties with my cosplay group. We put party play on the background and have fun.

Mattel Doctor Who Scene It? Dvd Game « Game Time Home Is this for real?

Why must I always describe my pin?

900 years old… Yoda vs Doctor Who My 7 year old Nephew made a reference to this the other day( he has never seen this pin) Makes an Auntie proud.

David... the doctor as himself.  Doctor Who?

I love this man with both my hearts. // Matt Smith: Hello, my name is Matt Smith and I play The Doctor. David Tennant: Hello, my name is David Tennant and I AM The Doctor.

story of my life

I wear your granddad's clothes now. Granddad's clothes are cool.

I would like to replace my facebook timeline with a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Time is not a line.from a subjective point of view it's really more of a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.

Barry crouch jr and the doctor

BOREDOM: Being stuck at a death eater trial, when you could be flying around in your TARDIS. - Doctor Who / Harry Potter Crossover Humor - David Tennant

And I'm totally fine with that

You either love David Tennant or you've never seen him. Now this post only leaves you with one option.

The beginnings and ends of all the Doctor's companions.

First and last lines of the female companions. I know many don't agree with me, but Donna's goodbye line, having no idea who the Doctor is, is the most heartbreaking. As sad as roses was, donnas was the most tragic and sad

Dear friends, this is what you'll be receiving this year for Valentines Day. You're welcome.

Hysterical Doctor Who Valentine's card.if I celebrated valentines day I would want this

Saucy David Tennant

"In case you're having a bad day, here's a saucy picture of David Tennant.

Why would any- wait I just forgot what I was talking about... :)

That poor, poor couch!

No one ever remembers my birthday (doctor who humor) this actually makes me really sad, I feel bad for the little silence.

I'm not crying I've just been stabbed in the eyes. I'm fine.... it really hurts....

Steven Moffat wrote The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. The only episodes where everyone lives. The last time he wrote everyone living by the end of the episode.