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starfleet uniforms into darkness - Google Search

starfleet uniforms into darkness - Google Search

Star Trek Old Vs Star Trek New.  The top, Kirk vs Kirk is from Shatner's documentary, Captains.  Recommend if you haven't seen it.  Casting for the new movies is wonderful.... movies so-so.  Get rid of Abrams!

Star Trek I am a nerd. i just got teary looking at this and not sure why. I just grew up watching these people.who seem almost real, not characters and now we get to see them when they were young and beautiful. -I also became teary.

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What This Guy Can Do With Cardboard Is Absolutely Mind Blowing

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.


I could find myself saying that frequently. This was one of my favorite Spock moments in Star Trek Into Darkness. CORRECTION: It was my only favorite moment in the entire movie.

Fascinating. #spock #fascinating #startrek Click to see full gif!

Love this moment. The famous Spock sass ;) the only emotion this Vulcan ever showed without being influenced by alien things or his best friend!<<<Spock saves his sass for Bones


Kirk: because when your dad is Thor and your mom is the bounty hunter daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming you can't NOT be awesome Just realized that was Chris Hemsworth