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Best Healthy Snacks for a College Dorm Room, How to Stock a Dorm Room Pantry, How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Here are some great snack ideas to consider when stocking your dorm room: Lara bars, Skinny Pops, Edamame, Almond butter on a rice cake or apple or celery Greek yogurt bananas avocado Nuts and seeds

How To Stay Healthy In College - Easy tips to fight off the freshman 15 and stay energized around campus

Staying healthy in college is a major concern for many people when heading away to college. While the idea of the "freshman may linger .

With seemingly unlimited meal plans and a constant urge to just watch Netflix all day, being healthy in college in a struggle. I'm sharing 5 tips for getting on the right track!

How To Stay Healthy In College

How to cook for one

How to Cook for One as a College Student or Twenty Something. those nights when hubby and I don't eat together!

20 healthy foods to keep around the dorm.

20 Essential Healthy Things To Keep In Your Dorm Room! Raw almonds, such a good idea, love them with a handful of dark chocolate chips for a simple sweet snack!

Dealing with college stress can be difficult, and we all experience anxiety at one time or another. Here are some tips to help you deal with your anxiety in a healthy way and not let the college stress overtake you. Be encouraged!

Handling Anxiety in College

Some easy tips and tricks for saving money on groceries in college! (college girl's guide to couponing)

A College Girl's Guide to Couponing

How to Stay Healthy in College. | Runs and Roses

College is arguably the best, most exciting time of your life. You're surrounded by so many young people trying to figure themselves out just as you are. If its anything like my college experience,.

I will be keeping this all in mind from now on. 100 foods/drinks/snacks that are better for you than alternatives you might reach for.

Brain boosting study snacks- great for students! Website has a bunch of healthy brain fuel foods.