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The true irony is the "of" instead of "have" in the comment. <-- pinned for that comment.

Sad Story :/

Haha so true. that is soooo funny.but maybe just maybe the girl had already fallen out of love with the boy and was really kinda glad it happened. Thank you slut.

Being single isn't always a walk in the park, at first. but we've got the key to being so happily single, thanks to these empowering quotes about being single, so much you'll want to keep it that way!

We wanted to be adults do bad.

Quotes explain how we feel about adulting because picutres are easier. If you're an adult, who loves sarcasm and understands life, you need this.

Heheheh| this reminds me of the real house wives of Atlanta

I said this continually to my son.he finally stopped rolling his eyes. I would just say,"Did you find it?