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look at 2011 Hunk why do Hunk and Lance look like that? and keith's MULLET LOOOOOOOOOL

Thank you Lord for the reboot and its amazing beauty that we are gifted with.

"WHY the FUCK would you do this??" This is exactly what I thought. Couldn't stop laughing!!

Monday Morning Randomness

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The hair, the frilly shirt, the make up...it all plays a part

Lookin' good!

Funny pictures about Japanese hairstyle. Oh, and cool pics about Japanese hairstyle. Also, Japanese hairstyle photos.

Nothing says mullet like a mullet!!

Funny Hair Vol. II: 18 Real People, Worst Styles

I'm speechless.

Bizarre Eyebrow Tattoos - Tattooing eyebrows is common--women do it all the time. But this is Cowbag here, so I course I am not talking about ordinary eyebrows, I am talking.

All I can say is “Oh, wow!”  xoxo,  Mandie    btothed:    BtotheD:  It’s images like this, when I’m so appreciative of Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

We are sharing most Weird Hairstyles. 15 most crazy, weird, strange, funny and worst hairdo you will never want to try. No doubt they all are very creative

I'm totally speechless! Whatever in the world . . . .

Bad-Hair School Picture Straight from the Walmart Photo lab, a new album of bad & funny family photos for ya to share with friends and neighbors.

Always make sure you weave texture matches with your real hair or the other weave you are wearing.

OMG OMG go to the pic of the people with the hair suit! Is she doing what I think she's doing?

Just some awkward family photos

These are sofa king weird haha. I like the one with the muscly guy posing and his family just sit there like it's totally normal and he's just like "Yeaaah"