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burgerpants, furryfandom, furries, cat, undertale<<< aww that's cute

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Should you appreciate tshirts and slogans you really will appreciate this cool website!

Srsly almost cried watching this<<<same papyrus, but we all know no one is gonna love me that much ;-;


Inspiring image sans, undertale by - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Drawing Frisk and Sans dancing is so cool because they are both small and perfect dance partners

Handlarz Iluzji

I've gattered a few cool remixes and covers of songs from the Undertale soundtrack. Check it out! - Undertale Remix by Kyuuri on SoundCloud


And this is why Grandpa Gaster is banned from helping Frisk with their science projects.

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Though I imagine Sans wouldn't really be the type to hug a lot, I think when he does, it's probably a pretty nice feeling he'd only give one if he th. Undertale - Warm and Cuddly Skeletons

SAVE BLUEBERRY I don't usually do these but what the heck

SAVE BLUEBERRY I don't usually do these but what the heck<< yeah same, also * gross sobbing*

He sees when you you're sinning :) He knows how much you've stabbed.

The Dog Amalgamate is the cutest thing ever. Like srsly I just wanna hug it. Headcannon that Sans treats the GBs like pets. Srsly tho 19 hours of on and off work was definitely worth it.