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I'm so used to it I don't even notice. And I've got a friend who just won't deal with it and only watches things dubbed. tsk tsk

True. so true

Yep but also a otaku thing<<<im like sure otakus are a type of fangirl/fanboy

.this happens all the time

Why does people look at me weirdly if i say "aigoo"? They began to judge me to the core 😂😂😂😂

So true :)  And the awkward thing is that, I kid you not, I can hear it across a room full of chatting people....  O.o

haha its like my ear has a one track mind of its own xD cuz this is so me xD

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For me it would be housework or exercising instead of homework T_T

So true, that's why you should be proud of yourself for you are lucky.

I thinks its more like 10000 hot gorgeous Korean hunks :D

Ji Hoo Sunbae........... Boys Over Flowers

K-Drama humor. and yes, I would so appreciate him more than she would. Current drama is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: No Min Wo

Kpop fans can relate quote about being able to lip sync to Kpop without actually understanding it- very relatable!

I can do this, but when I actually sing the Korean parts, it's sounds like I'm speaking in gibberish. Lol<<idc if its right or not, but i will preform/sing all of blood sweat tears

And when u talk to them they think your crazy :(  (Too true, "double true" in my case)

so TRUE.that I'm embarrassed and when realise that ur korean friend is the closet ur getting to seeing a kpop star

Also applies to my favorite characters, friends, family members, and literally anything/one I like

I once ranted about how stupid BTS is and my friend looked at me like I had three heads.