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Soul Eater Manga, In Spanish

Soul Eater Manga Crona | Crona Soul Eater by ~fmabrotherhood4life on deviantART

Little kid Crona. If you don't think Crona is adorable then you are a weird individual who probably smells odd.

Tsubaki Soul Eater Quotes | kid and chrona

Soul Eater boys <--- well chrona's gender is deliberately left unspecified in the manga so we don't know if they're male or female

soul eater    Maka and the other students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy must kill 99 evil humans and other witch, absorbing their spirits when they die

Soul Maka Blair(Neko) xd Liz, Patty & Death the kid Black Star ,Tsubaki & Shinigami-sama Stein, Death Scythe & Scallibur

Kilik, Ox, and Kim - Soul Eater

Kilik, Ox, and Kim - Soul Eater- These characters are TOO underrated! Kim needs to be more involved, she is a witch after all. I wanna know more about that and I wanna see if Ox and her get together