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Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up! Wise word for the over-thinking parents amongst us.

birds with broken wings often try - Google-haku

Birds with broken wings often try to help each other fly. - Matt Baker - how sweet, both Bob and I have PTSD, me from abuse and rape, him from combat. We make it work together

This is poignantly true. Keep digging. The treasures are always buried deep within. Those who only see you as the ripples don't fully know themselves  .

It's important to take the necessary steps to find out who you are. Because you hold endless depths below the surface of a few facts and pieces and past decisions. You aren't only the ripples others can see. You are made of oceans.

Know your worth!!!

It didn't matter what people thought about her. Her focus was never on small talk. She had better things to do with her life, like become a better woman. She didn't care what people said behind her back because most of them never had the guts to say it to


To be pursued strongly by someone you feel equal love for is so attractive.in any relationship.