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The queen is probably the cutest thing ever.

✔️ Did 9 of them :-{>

Je T'aime Paris - LadyLuxuryDesigns I agree but you don't need to learn fluent French for staying in Paris.it is nice and polite to learn some simple important sentences but they speak English in the Metropolis of Paris xo

YES PWEASE ∞ it's always the pretty rich girls that get to most of the girls that meet them, didn't do anything more then cry or just ask if they could

The ultimate bucket list activity! If this was accomplished my life would be complete!


That would be so fun

The X-Factor USA will be flipping on its head for the upcoming 2012 season. The format will be changed completely and the usual gender assigned groups

We're doing it this summer. We'll fill water balloons up with cheap washable paint, get all white clothes from the Goodwill, and go crazy.

And afterwords, if we use non-washable paint, we'll have new and improved clothes!