Bento #bento lunch. This is just too cute for food.  I would love to make this and show it off.. (^_^)

cutest bento ever but i dont really want to eat kids heads lolz!

Cooking Gallery: Blushing Bunny Bento

Blushing Bunny Bento by Cooking-Gallery

Here's how to make an easy sheep bento lunch box using sandwiches, a ham flower and veggie shapes

How to Make a Sheep Bento Lunch Box

How to Make a Sheep Bento Lunch Box: make a sealed ham sandwich and cut out a space for the sheep's face, cut out smaller piece of ham for the ears, make flower carrots and string bean fields, add a ham flower,

Children's sushi-This seems a bit time consuming,  but im sure some parent is ready to tackle it :)

Super in love with these little kids bento lunch boxes! I dont know if i would have so much rice however tho super carby!


Cucina: Un “nuovo” modo di mangiare: “Bento”

A step-by-step recipe for making an easy hedgehog bento lunch box using healthy snacks.

Hello kitty onigiri bento

Hello kitty onigiri bento


Rabbit and I Bento Lunch Rabbit onigiri is made using normal Japanese rice shaped by hand. The “I” onigiri is made using fried rice for nice contrast color.

Nontan bento

Nontan bento

Les kyaraben sont des trésors d'imagination et de créativité ! Et ils ont l'air kawaii et délicieux !

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Decorative Bento Sandwich Cutter and Mold 3 Animal

Decorative Bento Sandwich Cutter and Mold 3 Animal