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Literally lol

Sea Horses Exist Hey look it’s a sea horse!

Mega cool

I know it's corny but. You are a-maize-ing! - you are

Wat is jouw wedstrijd blunder?

By Stacy Lynne. OMG, LOVE it! Embarrassing dressage horse munching on the flowers. LOL this would so be my horse

Sooo very true!

After all these years, my heart beat still quickens at the sight of a horse


Since I own a Timber. It's going down, I'm yellin timberrrr

I'm not this way at all but, still funny!! I'm more like hey HEY, knock it off!

When my horse bolts and I can't get control of him: Jesus, take the wheel!

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My horse does this EVERY DAY!!! 'Oh no, look at that... CHAIR. It looks very suspicious.'

So funny… I bet they really do this!

What my horse does when I ride a different one lol!!!! He whinnies and rears and paws!!!!

This reminds me of the 3 lesson horses I ride.

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