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moonstitches -- tokyo quilt festival 2011

moonstitches -- tokyo quilt festival 2011 I'd like to learn to see maybe one day I could make something like this

шіборі стайл

Birds of Ohio is a vintage print and pattern collection—an inspiration resource for designers.

sashiko, technique de broderie japonaise

Shannon's First Attempt at Sashiko, for a few pages in origami book, the first one, do block colour samples with machine embroidery of varying flat origami designs!

how to dye fabric quick and rough shibori style -review and adapt - use eco-dye techniques - look up artist India Flint

How To Dye Fabric Quick And Rough Shibori Style - Use Eco-dye Techniques - Artist India Flint by angelita

株式会社バンブーカット様の「備え梅」のランディングページ(LP)シンプル系|食品 #LP #ランディングページ #ランペ #備え梅

株式会社バンブーカット様の「備え梅」のランディングページ(LP)シンプル系|食品 #LP #ランディングページ #ランペ #備え梅

Lovingly worn sashiko /  Sashiko was the Japanese tradition for quilting

Lovingly worn sashiko / Sashiko was the Japanese tradition for quilting

indigo dyed hemp kaya (Japanese mosquito netting) - if only i could make a dress out of this!

indigo dyed hemp kaya (Japanese mosquito netting) - truly brilliant to-go-with blue denim.

Indigo Love, the Art of Shibori / TÉLIO TEXTURES: {ROW 1} Girl beach, shibori cloth {ROW 2} shibori shawl, Made in Kind dress, Couch {ROW 3} Shibori techniques

For a few years I’ve been obsessed with the color indigo. This fascination has brought me to fall in love with a few blue things like China blue porcelain, denim (especially the art of Sashiko Stit…

Pattern for Hooded Wrap Coat. I saved it as a pdf file using Cute PDF.


Featured: Hooded wrapcoat by Mara Hoffman The appeal of the flat-felled seam is that it makes the joint stronger by running two lines of stitches through each piece of fabric, while simultaneously .




sashiko stitched akutogake, or Japanese heel guards. akutogake were placed around the heel of the foot and tied in front. They are hand stitched from white or undyed cotton and have been sashiko stitched in deep blue, thick, cotton thread.

Sunrise on Cloth: Hinode Shibori | SRI Threads

A yukata is a cooling, casual garment – an unlined cotton kimono worn at home or about town in summer, especially during festivals or other social events.