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Decomisan AK-47, escopeta y chalecos con logo del OIJ
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AK-47 Cleaning and Maintenance
3 inmates rearrested after escaping from detention taking with them two Ak 47 riffles
Scarce Poly Technologies AK-47/S National Match Semi-Automatic Rifle with Sling
Poly Technologies Model AK-47/S National Match Semi-Automatic Rifle with Box
You're now looking at the one gun that has killed more human beings than any other in the history of existence.
"Nnamdi Kanu To Buhari: Defeat Me With Superiority Of Your Argument Not With AK 47 . . Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to come up with a better argument in the “debate for freedom”. . Kanu said this on Wednesday in Abia state while reacting to Buhari’s marching order to security agencies to tackle the excesses of secessionist groups, including IPOB. The president had also discussed the issue of IPOB – among other “security…
12 SHOT AK-47 Combat Rifle (GL2AK47C) Price: $32 .99 Ammo Sold Separately Ammo Size #125 BLUE The AK-47 (shortened from Russian: Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947) is a gas-operated assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, and produced by Russian manufacturer Izhevsk Mechanical Works and used in many Eastern bloc nations during the Cold War. WOW! It sure is easier to just say AK. A great looking rifle that will fire a rubber band with a vengence. Add a scope for an even better look.
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