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Ángel del casupito

Ángel del casupito

Frida Kahlo la Ricerca dell'artista  -----------------interessantissimi studi e strategie per arrivare ad un' opera compiuta-----------------------------------

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

Frida Kahlo was a badass. She was an incredibly fierce woman and artist. She loved being independent and breaking stupid conventions.  Enamel pins

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Frida Carlo inspired crochet - stunning colours & design

Kleurrijk inspirational folk art flower crochet quilt , colour and design inspired by frida kahlo and mexico

In the spotlight: The late painter Frida Kahlo, who is pictured posing at her home in Mexico City, is the subject of a new exhibit in Mexico City

Frida Kahlo was a fashion icon, but new exhibit reveals how stiff corsets and full skirts concealed her failing health

Top: Frida Kahlo wearing a signature colorful look. Photo by Nickolas Muray. Above: Frida displays the three elements of Tehuana dress in floral headpiece, square-cut blouse, and long skirt.

Frida Kahlo - painter, lover, thinker, Trotskyist, survivor, feminist, she is that lone star on the darkest night

9 Beauty Icons You Can Easily Be for Halloween

Last year, I struggled with a costume idea. At the last minute, I came up with the idea of dressing up as Frida Kahlo because I did not want a sexy costum

Tibi - Frida Metallic Leather Slides - Gold - IT40.5

Tibi - Frida Metallic Leather Slides - Gold

Tibi - Frida Metallic Leather Slides - Gold - IT