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Distract-Me-Not: Transforming our Distractions into Music

How Your Everyday Distractions Can Actually Be Beneficial

Acoustic "It's Time" Imagine Dragons    Acoustic is definitely one of my favorite types of music.  They seem to have a lot more feeling due to the voice being the most prominent, if not only instrument

Imagine Dragons - "It's Time": SXSW 2012 Showcasing Artist Much better than the album version

Flowing with the Stresses of Kids (Or Anyone Else)

Flowing with the Stresses of Kids (Or Anyone Else)

Meditation to Release Fears and Difficult Situations

This is a fine selection of amazing photographic artworks by visual artist and photographer Alison Scarpulla.

Northern Migration | Fluid Radio

Many moons ago myself and Jess wanted to travel across South America to search out new adventures and also offer what we could towards voluntary services that supported street children.

Just random lights

Just random lights

“A good horse will never return to graze on grass, that it has already passed by.”-Old Chinese Proverb

What to Expect in The Year of the Wood Horse 2014