Aquarium Cat by on @DeviantArt

Aquarium Cat by Lighane on DeviantArt, aka it probably wasn't meant to be, but all I could see is Elizabeth

Смотрите это фото от @arts_help на Instagram • Отметки «Нравится»: 53.6 тыс.

Immediately upon seeing this~ the Green sends waves of Calm & the Feeling of Newness~Fresh♡Clean ♡Alive

Animals eyes

Animal Eyes Tuto by UnicatStudio on deviantART (references, cats, eyes, drawing references)

Colorful Eyes by on @DeviantArt

Is it light or darkness that you are attracted to? To me, for example, angels are awesome, vampires are better!

They found another Gem Girl! Lady Sapphire who spent a long time alone decided to come with them! Now they need to find the last one and then they can finally become Gem Knights! Btw: Preorders for...

to Lady Emerald - she just joined Amethyst and will help her find more allies! I guess she is the more grown up type of girl and rather dreamy.

“More eyes 3 are inspired by @minmonsta ones in my own style  can u guess who…

Why dose the Bottom right eye Remind me Smile? ( You'll only know who Smile is if your in the Black Butler fandom ) -Dream