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Cutest puppy. He is mine

He is mine

You don't understand. Girl, who he love, take on TARDIS other guy. Do you still think he have no reason to be sassy?

Reenacted this entire scene for a co-worker once, just so they would have context for why I'd said you should airways being a banana to a party!

Yes, Im proud he is a Marine, but the fact of the matter is that he isnt a Marine to me. Hes my boyfriend, the guy who walked into my life at just the right time, the one who took a chance on a damaged heart. Hes human, hes simple, and most of all hes mine. He just happens to also be a Marine. beautiful

Confession so proud of my Marine, but I don’t refer to him as just that. He’s my love, boyfriend, everything. He’s much more than a title to me.

Dave Willis inspirational quote family is defined by more than blood or last names by by commitment and love


Please tell me what the fuck is funny about rape jokes, or harassment for that matter or anybody fucking with someone else?

How about instead of me explaining why i don't find rape jokes funny, you explain why you DO find them funny. Go ahead.

Rest in peace dad...you are forever loved by Ruth :) xoxo

What we'd give if we could say "hello Dad", in the same old way to. Hear your voice, see your smile, to just sit with you & chat awhile. So you who have your Father; Cherish him with care for you'll never know the heartache till you see his vacant chair.

IMy little sister told me that she liled Harry Potter but not the books, I got really angry inside and was like you aren't a real HP fan then. But of course since she is my little siter, I told her to not say that in front of me or any othet HP fan. EVER. I told her that I only let het off the hook bc she was my little sistet.

Haha, this made me laugh. Now people think im crazy.even though they already knew that.

Why Men And Women Think Differently

Why Men And Women Think Differently. This Guy Nails It.

of course he's taken pictures with Oscar Wilde books

Morrissey with Oscar Wilde book.

A former FBI agent who created the bureau’s first counter-terrorism training program says the FBI and many others in the federal government have lost their way and have no idea how to stop terrorism, a problem that he expects to get much worse in the coming months. Ex-FBI agent: 'We are totally off our war-fighting game' 'Americans have got to wake up immediately, because this is going to go downhill rapidly'

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