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Your Name's Hidden Meaning

Your Name's Hidden Meaning. Second part true. But I gave up perfection a while back for the ideals of Love and appreciating the raw, unrefined beauty in nature.


Find out what's your names hidden meaning!

Never buy a textbook again. Awesome life hack. #LifeHacks

How to get free textbooks – Life Hack

Never buy text books again. holy cow I wish I would've know this a few thousand dollars of text books ago!

Chanyeol and Baekhyun tho

I'm and my girlfriends we both wear 4 inch heels but when I don't have mine on everything because a game of this ahah<<<<I'm taller than my friend (we're both aro/ace so she's the closest thing I have to a girlfriend) and this happens a lot

always good to know how to focus ;) ADHD Diet Guide. #adhd #adhddiet #add

Diet {Outlined}

Find your focus! The idea of an ADHD Diet, high in protein and low in carbohydrates, has gained popularity. Problems concerned with eating are indeed common with ADHD. Just eating a balanced meal before you're "crashing" is a challenge. (View only)

Your Name's Hidden Meaning

Your Name's Hidden Meaning: Yeah, when I was a lot younger this is completely accurate.

Ha! I remember my Catholic babysitter having a rosary dangling in her car like this, when I was a kid.

How Catholics know they're driving too fast :-) Literally for the love of Jesus slow down!

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